Welcome to Veldhuizen Cheese

Since 2002, Veldhuizen Cheese has produced a variety of raw milk cheeses from cow and sheep milk.  



Our skilled cheesemakers are intimately involved in a hands-on way with each batch of cheese. Our cheese has no artificial ingredients, flavors, additives, or preservatives. 

Artisan cheese is made with expertise and heart.   

Raw Milk Cheese

The milk used for cheesemaking is never heated above 100 degrees. This low temperature preserves all the natural enzymes and beneficial bacteria. The milk is never homogenized, pasteurized, or separated. On cheesemaking mornings the milk isn't even chilled- it is piped right into the vat and made into cheese! 

Cave Aged

We make over 60 wheels of cheese every week. Our personal touch goes into each one. The cheeses are expertly aged in a cave we built into the side of a hill. It is aged anywhere between two months and up to two years, and some beyond. Cheese loves high humidity and moderate temperatures. Each wheel is coated and labeled; or washed by hand with a brine until a natural rind is formed.  


Only milk from our own herd of cows and flock of sheep that graze on our pastures is transformed into cheese at our on-farm creamery. Milking and caring for the animals is certainly more work than if we simply purchased milk for making cheese. But we have the satisfaction of knowing our cheese is made with the finest quality milk- which makes it all worthwhile.    


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