SINCE 2000

In January of 2000, we, along with our seven children, embarked on our cheese making journey. With hard work and persistence, our dream of becoming farmstead cheese makers became a reality. Raising twenty baby calves to milking age, we started with one variety of cheese and have continued to grow - currently offering over 20 varieties of artisan raw milk cheeses. Four generations of our family are involved in our daily operation. We have built a business we are passionate about- on the land, producing a healthy, delicious food to you.


Everything starts with the soil. We plant crops for the cows to graze on all year round. Healthy soil makes great feed for healthy cows which produce high quality milk. We use no chemicals or insecticides, but rather incorporate farming practices which conserve water and the natural microbes in the soil.


Traditional raw milk cheese changes with the seasons, as the cows' and ewes' pastures change. Each change can bring subtle changes to the milk which is reflected in the cheese. Raw milk cheese has a complexity of flavor that affects aromas, textures, and creates a delightful dance on your palate.


We have a colorful herd of mostly Jersey and Guernsey cows, with a few other breeds mixed in. Our priority is to have a high quality of milk, rather than a high quantity of milk - thus we choose breeds that provide the best components for cheese making. The sheep flock was started in 2015 by our daughter, Rachael. She began with Awassi sheep, and soon added Lacaune and East Friesian ewes. We now make three types of sheep cheese with pure sheep milk, and two varieties of blended milk (cow and sheep) cheese.