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Veldhuizen Sampler

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If you want to try a nice selection of our cheeses, this is a great way to do it! Six 1/4 pound wedges are included in the sampler pack. This will provide a well rounded selection for a cheese board, or just let you taste and find your favorite. The varieties will change depending on availability and what the favorite cheeses at the time are! 

Examples of what it will include are:

Dublin Karst

A Veldhuizen Signature. Semi-soft, hints of buttery sweet cream building. Sweet and tangy.

Jalapeno Cheddar

Jalapeno & Habanero are added to the cheddar curd. Mild, pepper flavor throughout with a little kick of heat on the finish.

Redneck Cheddar

Cheddar curds bathed in dark beer. Creamy and mild. Flavors of malty sweetness and buttered toast.

Texas Gold Cheddar

Cave aged for 8-10 months. Medium sharp, creamy & firm.

Garlic Pepper Havarti

Spring seasonal. Mild & smooth, added garlic & cracked black pepper.

Wooly Texas

Sheep milk Gruyere style with juicy acidity. Flavors of toasted cashews and lingering notes of vanilla and butter.