Texas Gold Cheddar

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Our Texas Gold Cheddar is aged twice as long as our Classic Cheddar, producing a slightly sharper cheese. Smooth texture, great flavor, you can’t go wrong with Texas Gold. Aged 6 – 8 months.

$16 per lb
$8.00 per 1/2 lb

"I've been buying artisan cheeses for over a decade, and have tasted hundreds of cheeses. I believe the Veldhuizen family is one of the premier American cheesemakers. The Texas Gold Cheddar has to be my favorite cheddar. I love it on it's own as a cheese course, or shredded on a simple salad. The combination of its buttery taste and sharp finish makes for an outstanding choice in my pimento cheese stuffed celery on a classic relish tray."

-- Chef Randy Evans
Haven, Houston

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